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For Kids

Expo 2016

The very first Cowlitz Gamers for Kids Expo was in 2010. It was created to rally support and fundraise for an amazing charity. Children's Justice & Advocacy Center is a non-profit team that gives children a safe place to escape child abuse and neglect, providing resources to aide in investigation, prosecution, treatment and healing.


6 years later, the expo has grown exponentially and has accrued over $32,600 for CJAC. With the help of our sponsors, vendors, volunteers, and attendees, we gather to enjoy gaming for a fantastic cause!!


CJAC now has a direct donation option and a new website!

Our Story...

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Past Contributions Made By:

A Nova Print - Another Castle - Adam Issackson - Anime Haus    

Classics & Oddities - Creepy Cult - Cutie Bytes - Danny Kim - DPad

Epic Entertainment Exchange - GAOO - Jason McKay

Jeremiah's Video Games - John Hancock - Josh Byerly

Keefe's Comics and Collectibles - Legendary Games - Lost Classics

Mad Gear - Mark Counts Steampunk Movement - Michelle Collision

Nintendo Age - Nintendo Doctor - Northwest Classics Gamers Club

Pink Gorilla - Portland Retro Gaming Expo - Quorum of Cute      

Recycled Gamer - Rick Weis - Specialty Gamer - Video Game Wizards

YBot - Zach Knowlton - & More

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Our Main Sponsors


07/22/2015: We had a blast this year! The show raised over $8,100 for Children's Justice and Advocacy Center. We just keep growing and we are constantly humbled by everyone's generosity. Our appreciation goes out to all who supported the show. From the attendees and volunteers to sponsors like Portland Retro Gaming Expo and Classics & Oddities, you all gave your time to breath life in to this amazing show.

A big, warm-hearted thank you.

Update: Next year's show has been announced for April 02, 2016.

So put this 7th annual event on your calandar. You won't want to miss it.


Cowlitz County Regional

Conference Center

NEW DATE: April 02, 2016